What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a workout program designed to prepare you for any challenges life throws your way. Every single workout can be scaled and modified to ANY ability level. Our workouts will push you outside your comfort zone, teach you tons of new skills, and help you find your inner athlete.

On your best days and your worst, our community will have your back!

The number one "myth" about CrossFit is that you have to be in really good shape to start. This is simply not true. Anyone can do CrossFit, whether you are a 70 year old Grandma, a 18 year old elite athlete, or anyone in between! Everybody starts at different places, but we're all on the journey together. If you don't believe us, come check out our Intro Class or Foundations program and let us show you in person!

History of CrossFit Sabertooth

Matt Meyer started the gym in November 2011 as Axcelerate Fitness. He remodeled his two-car garage into a well-equipped (but cozy) workout space, quit his day job, and dove headfirst into the world of gym ownership.

Over the past five years Matt and his co-owners Chris and Tim have steadily grown the gym clientele to where it is today: a diverse group of members of all ages and abilities, along with a passionate team of coaches, who come together every week to challenge, encourage, and stand alongside one another on the journey to better fitness, and ultimately a better life.

In December 2014, CrossFit Sabertooth moved to the current 5,000 square foot facility in Minneapolis.

Meet the Team


Tim Kelson

Owner / Coach

Tim became a trainer to help people believe in and achieve their goals. He is a lifelong athlete who understands the importance of training in the gym and has the knowledge to help you find the transformative results you are looking for. He holds a Level 1 CrossFit coach certification and has competed in numerous weightlifting and fitness competitions.




Chris Lomen

Owner / Coach

Chris is a CrossFit level 1 trainer with four years of CrossFit experience. He started doing CrossFit to improve his fitness for speed skating, and is now hopelessly addicted. His favorite part of coaching is building relationships with everyone in the gym and seeing each person get a little stronger every day. Chris is also a certified CrossFit Endurance coach -- he can help you put together a training plan for a race or event, help you hone your running technique, or answer questions about race preparation or nutrition. CLICK HERE for more information about personal training and remote coaching with Chris.



Matt Meyer

Owner / Coach

Matt has been a competitive athlete throughout his life and holds a passion for fitness. Over recent years he has competed in many events including running, rowing, inline speed skating, and cross country skiing. His enthusiasm for hard work is contagious and welcomes anyone who is willing to push themselves and commit to reaching their goals. He is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit coach.




Sarah Jeffery


Sarah has been with us since the garage gym days. She has many years of CrossFit experience, and competes regularly in local Olympic Weightlifting competitions. Sarah is a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and leads our weekly Olympic Lifting class. Want to learn more about Olympic lifting? Talk to Sarah!