Our Programs and Classes


We offer free one-on-one consultations with anyone who is interested in learning more about what we do. No pressure, no judgement -- we want to help you succeed!

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Our Foundations course is a two week, four class program that will get you up to speed the most fundamental movements we use in our group workouts, help the coaches get to know you, and make sure your transition to our CrossFit group classes is as smooth as possible. We keep these class sizes very small, so you will get tons of one-on-one coaching. Once you finish the Foundations course, you get the rest of the month of unlimited membership for free! All that's left is to sign up as a full-fledged member!


After you have completed Foundations, it's time to dive in and start regular classes! These classes are a dynamic, fun, inclusive atmosphere combined with a challenging workout! Training with friends is more fun. These classes are the heart of what we do at CrossFit Sabertooth. Every workout can be scaled to fit your abilities


Every Saturday at 10am we have a special Mobility class, dedicated to helping our athletes improve their range of motion, increase stability in their joints, and learn to move their body better.


Saturdays at 11am, Coach Sarah runs our Olympic Lifting class! Open to anyone who wants to improve on the Snatch and Clean + Jerk.


Everyone can benefit from one-on-one attention from a coach -- even the most experienced athletes! See our Rates page for more info and pricing.