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One Year of CrossFit: Courtney's Journey


"Everything about who we become in the gym is earned, not given. I’ll take the rope burns, the bumps, the bruises, and the ridiculous amount of sweat my body produces if it means I can do more, run faster, climb higher, and prove to myself that I am enough day in and day out."

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What surprised me the most, were the people who stopped their workouts to say “You can do it!” or “Great job–keep it up!” It was my first taste of the amazing Sabertooth community and a moment I will never forget.

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Do I have the body of a fitness model? Do I like burpees? No and no. But I like how I look and how I feel. And I even like when burpees are in a workout, because the challenge gives me a high. In a nutshell, CrossFit gave me a much needed reboot to be the healthy, happy person I ought to be.

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Along the way I’ve met some really awesome people that I love competing with and competing against. There’s always someone nearby to give you a “you got this” or a “looking good – keep pushing.” When you’re sweaty, tired, exhausted – someone will grab a couple of your weights and help you put your stuff away. We push each other to try new things, to go faster, to lift heavier, and to tell better jokes.

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I was nervous for what was going to happen and what people were going to think. They’d surely think I wouldn’t belong in a CrossFit gym… And then it turns out, people were extremely friendly and supportive. No judgement. People were cheering me on before they had even met me.

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