At CrossFit Sabertooth we recognize that exercise is just one piece of the health puzzle.

We know that making improvements to your eating pattern and nutrition habits, even small ones, can have profound effects on your mood, energy, mental health, body composition, and performance in the gym. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Registered Dietitian, Emily Field, to offer resources and support for you to better this area of your health. We believe, with a little time, focus and energy spent improving your food choices could mean a world of difference to your body composition, athletic performance and overall health.

Want to get started? Keep reading! We have lots of ideas to help you reach your health goals.

Our Nutrition Offerings

Free Seminars

We offer free informational seminars every quarter, right here at the gym! Each time we tackle a different nutrition topic that can help you better understand how to get the most out of your meals. 

Topics include:

-- Basics of Balanced Eating

-- Understanding How Food Influences Blood Sugar 

-- Eating to Optimize Your Workout and Recovery




Nutrition Challenges

Every year we offer several group Nutrition Challenges throughout the year at very low cost to our members. It's a great way to get introduced to the fundamentals of balanced eating, with lots of support from the other members of the community! Our next challenge will begin in February 2018. 







One on One Nutrition Coaching

For those looking for a higher level of direction, accountability, and advice, we recommend Emily Field RD. Over the years, Emily has helped our members make outstanding progress towards their nutrition goals.

To learn more about Emily, please click the link below.

Nutrition Expert
Emily Field, R.D.

Through a variety of assessments and conversations, Emily Field RD will help you identify gaps in your eating pattern and nutrition habits that might be preventing you from reaching your goals. Together you’ll set small goals and tweak your choices so you can reach your goals in health, body composition and athletic performance. Emily has a knack for helping your prioritize your nutrition routine - in other words, she’ll help you narrow your focus on the most important stuff while you mute the noise that isn’t helpful.

Using whole real food that is accessible to most families, Emily meets you where your at with her balanced eating approach. You’ll talk through meal planning and prepping, shaping well-balanced meals for you and your family, proper portion sizes, pre and post exercise nutrition among many other nutrition topics. After working with Emily, you’ll feel confident to carry the lessons with you for life.

Learn more about Emily Field RD and her approach on her website.