About Saber Yoga Center

Located in Northeast Minneapolis, Saber Yoga Center was created by yoga enthusiasts and practitioners. It is our mission to create a welcoming space for others to learn and develop their practice. Our classes are suitable for all levels; beginner to advanced. We offer Restorative, Flow, and Sculpt classes.

Classes at Saber Yoga Center

Restorative Hatha: This class focuses on opening your body through the use of props,
longer hold times, stretching, and relaxation. The perfect way for athletes to stretch out and relax to aid recovery!

Saber Yoga Schedule

Wednesday -- 6:30pm Restorative Flow with Leslie

Saber Yoga Center Rates

Unlimited: $69/Month

Drop In: $15

10-Pack: $110

5-Pack: $65


Leslie Stangler

Yoga Instructor

Leslie has practiced 10 + years and has had chance to practice many different styles of Yoga with many teachers. She loves to share Hatha, flow/vinyasa, and restorative Yoga. Leslie is a cross trainer by doing Crossfit &Yoga for an all around healthy lifestyle. She has a graduate degree in holistic health studies from St. Kate's. She plans to pursue her training in Thai Yoga Massage!