About Saber Yoga Center

Located in Northeast Minneapolis, Saber Yoga Center was created by yoga enthusiasts and practitioners. It is our mission to create a welcoming space for others to learn and develop their practice. Our classes are suitable for all levels; beginner to advanced. We offer Restorative, Flow, and Sculpt classes.

Classes at Saber Yoga Center

Saber Sculpt: Yoga mixed with light weights designed to build strength and flexibility. Along
with yoga we will include movements like squats, lunges and pushups

Restorative Hatha: This class focuses on opening your body through the use of props,
longer hold times, stretching, and relaxation.

Saber Yoga Schedule



Wednesday -- 6:30pm Restorative Flow with Leslie

Saber Yoga Center Rates

Unlimited: $69/Month

Drop In: $15

10-Pack: $110

5-Pack: $65


Kate Hardt

Yoga Instructor

Kate runs our Saber Sculpt class at 10am on Saturdays!  




Leslie Stangler

Yoga Instructor

Leslie has practiced 10 + years and has had chance to practice many different styles of Yoga with many teachers. She loves to share Hatha, flow/vinyasa, and restorative Yoga. Leslie is a cross trainer by doing Crossfit &Yoga for an all around healthy lifestyle. She has a graduate degree in holistic health studies from St. Kate's. She plans to pursue her training in Thai Yoga Massage!